I HAVE been following the story over the past few weeks concerning the BCP decision to not allow the present operator Nigel Milham to continue to run his catering business at Baiter park.

I am a local and have enjoyed the good food offered at Baiter over the years.

I cannot understand how the BCP can be so heartless to destroy this poor man’s business after so many years.

It beggars belief that they have readily taken full rent from him throughout Covid and now are prepared to cast him and his thriving business aside.

The council website acknowledges the popularity of his snack bar but say they want innovative, interesting, healthy food. Well bully for them!

What about what the loyal customers of Nigel’s business want?

I’m a retired nurse and understand the importance of a balanced healthy diet.

There is room for these types of snack bars and healthier alternatives, all in moderation I say.

Are we closing fish and chips shops, takeaways?

After a vigorous walk along Whitecliff there’s nothing nicer than a bacon butty or burger and yes you get a great burger or bacon sandwich at Baiter.

This is the BCP acting in a shameful way, destroying this poor man’s livelihood after so many years providing a great service at Baiter.

BCP you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I’m surprised there is not an online petition to protest against this plan.

I wish I was more tech savvy to organize but sadly I’m not.

I wish Nigel all the very best and wish more could be done to save his business.

It makes me very sad to see his business destroyed.