A HAIRDRESSING business has reported record results in the weeks following lockdown.

Synergy Hairdressing says it smashed its usual monthly target in the first 10 days after the government’s Covid restrictions were eased.

The business is forecasting a 40 per cent increase in turnover, with all salons booked for the month ahead.

And it says it has benefited from a change in customer behaviour in favour of “hyper local” services.

Hairdressers were allowed to open to the public on April 12, along with beauticians and non-essential retailers, after a lockdown which had lasted since January 5.

Synergy employs 18 people at its sites at Parr Street in Lower Parkstone and Salisbury Road in Blandford.

Synergy founder Colina Currell said: “All hairdressers were pleased to come back to what we love doing but I didn’t anticipate the response to be as overwhelming as it has been.

“We have seen a shift in how people perceive our services after a period of having to be without us, and we have seen the value that we bring to people’s lives being much more appreciated.

“We have made record sales in the past two weeks and not only due to our regular clients coming back to us, but from new clients deciding to join us which is exciting to see.

“Customers are thinking and behaving differently. They want to shop hyper locally on their doorsteps, be part of a close community and enjoy the ability to walk to our salons. We didn’t see that coming,” she added.

The business has been recruiting more stylists to meet the boom in demand.

It has found hiring easier than before the pandemic because people are relocating from London and other cities to the coast.

Colina Currell said: “It has historically been difficult to find talent, but we are now finding some fantastic stylists who have relocated and keen to continue their careers here in Dorset.

“I believe this bodes well for the future of our business and the hairdressing sector which has been hit so hard.”