AN EIGHT-year-old girl from Parkstone made the brave decision to have over 20 inches of hair chopped off to help children with cancer earlier this month.

When Oakdale Junior School pupil Kiki Knight, aged eight, told her parents that she wanted to have her long hair cut, they were hesitant to share their thoughts on the decision.

Mum Gemma Knight, said she was unsure about Kiki’s wish to have her hair cut short, but was supportive when she heard the reason behind it.

Gemma said: "The idea came out of the blue. Kiki had said that she wanted to cut her hair, but she must of sensed mine and her dad’s hesitation so she said that she would have her hair cut off for charity so "you can’t stop me."'

"When she told us about her plan, I was really proud of her and we have supported her. Kiki is very sweet.

"Kiki then found The Little Princess Trust and read all the stories on their website. She was determined from that moment on. When we spoke about donating her hair, Kiki said that "it will make them (the young patients) feel more normal and make them feel happier."'

On April 17, Kiki's hair was cut from below waist-length to a bob for free, thanks to Robyn Vallender from Folio in Poole.

However, Kiki wanted to take her generous efforts one step further and raise the required funds to make a wig from her hair.

Gemma said: "It costs £550 for the charity to make a wig, and Kiki decided that she might as well raise money along with having her hair cut. We quickly passed over the £550 mark and have raised £925.

"Kiki started the fundraiser and put the first £5 in which came from her tooth fairy money and pocket money. She has always saved her tooth fairy money to put in charity pots in shops, but she hasn’t been able to do that because of coronavirus, so she has saved it."

Three long ponytails were chopped from Kiki's head on April 17 and will be made into a wig for a young person undertaking cancer treatment.

Gemma said: "When Kiki did have her hair cut off, it was quite emotional. She had a little wobble when one of the ponytails was cut and she didn’t want to hold the hair; it was put straight in a bag. Now, she really loves her short hairstyle."

To donate to Kiki's fundraiser, visit: