GIVEN that the Parks Foundation is drawing attention to restoring wildlife and pulling back from our extinction crises (Echo 28/4/21) here’s some more positive news.

In Germany 70,000 signatories have led to a landmark state law protecting bee habitat and regulating pesticide use everywhere.

Determined, patient and persistent citizen action has finally seen results.

Meanwhile here in Bournemouth, Bee Mission has a Facebook page and is officially launching on the 20th May 2021 which is ‘World Bee Day’.

Bee Mission is a new community interest company working directly with the local community to save our bees.

Together they aim to place 500 working beehives in and around the Bournemouth area within the next two years to then spread their wings and become countrywide.

What makes them different is that the team have been working with the homeless, and those in need of a helping hand in Bournemouth for the last year and a half, offering them the opportunity to get involved with our project.

This includes building beehives, training to become beekeepers and helping behind the scenes which can be anything from helping to make products through to bookkeeping and assisting with the running of the charity.

More information about Bee Mission, and how you can be involved too coming soon.


Parkwood Road, Southbourne