HUNDREDS of drivers queued for hours to leave a busy car boot sale as traffic became gridlocked around the site.

The popular event took place yesterday and on Sunday at the Hurn Bridge Show Field off Parley Lane and attracted thousands of people.

But many have complained about the way the event was organised and said they were stuck in traffic for around two hours yesterday afternoon.

One visitor told the Daily Echo: "The first post-Covid car boot sale at Hurn turned into a fiasco as hundreds of cars and vans took up to two hours to exit the site."

He said tailbacks stretched as far as the A338 Spur Road, causing a queue at the Blackwater junction.

Many of those who attended have taken to social media complaining about traffic management.

One said it was "the worst scenario of event management I've ever seen" and added: "Chaos getting in and an hour getting out with no one controlling or helping traffic."

Another described the traffic as "ridiculous" and others complained about the number of vehicles allowed on to the site and the lack of toilet facilities.

But one person said the problems were caused due to rain prompting everyone to leave at the same time.

The event re-opened for the bank holiday weekend and is now due to be held every Sunday.

The Daily Echo has attempted to contact the organisers for a comment.