CONSERVATIONIST Dr Jane Goodall will host a free seminar at Bournemouth University on May 27.

Dr Goodall DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, is a pioneering ethologist and conservationist.

Her work studying wild Chimpanzee communities of Gombe, Tanzania spans more than six decades and has resulted in the establishment of a permanent and thriving research station there.

Bournemouth University is committed to protecting and preserving a sustainable environment, and the event, hosted by the Institute for the Modelling of Socio-Environmental Transitions (IMSET) will draw on Dr Goodall’s extensive career and the insights she brings.

Dr Fiona Coward, Principal Academic in Archaeological Sciences at Bournemouth University, said: "After this year, we can probably all use some reasons for hope, and if anything can provide them it will be hearing Dr Goodall DBE speak about her inspiring work with young people in particular across the globe to instil a love of the world around us that will ensure protection and justice not just for chimpanzees but for all kinds of other-than-human species, and the natural world as a whole."

The Jane Goodall Institute is focused on the protection of chimpanzees both in the wild and in captivity. There are 25 Jane Goodall Institutes worldwide.

Programmes include those to involve local communities in conservation projects and empowering young people to get involved in the environment.

Dr Goodall is the author of more than 130 publications ranging from scientific peer-reviewed articles, to many books, for adults and children. Her life and work are an inspiration to young people globally.

IMSET addresses the interplay between population history, cultural practices and the dynamics of environmental systems, and how they unfold across different scales and has hosted a number of seminars this year examining these topics.

The latest one will be held at Bournemouth University on Thursday May 27 from 4pm until 5pm.

Bookings must be made in advance and free tickets are available from