A MAN fell 90ft from the top of Old Harry Rocks, prompting a multi-agency response.

A small group of kayakers witnessed the man fall from the cliff top and alerted the UK Coastguard, who then requested the launch of both Swanage lifeboats along with St Albans Coastguard at around 2.30pm on Saturday.

The inshore lifeboat arrived first on scene and put volunteer crew members ashore to assess the casualty. 

Some passing kayakers had also been alerted to the casualty and had paddled into the cove and were already administering first aid.

The volunteer lifeboat crew worked with the kayakers to prepare the casualty to be evacuated from the shore to the all-weather lifeboat for onward transfer. 

The casualty was recovered to a waiting ambulance at Swanage Lifeboat Station within 40 minutes of the callout. 

Swanage lifeboat helm, Becky Mack said: "The kayakers and a boat near to the scene were waving at us to indicate the casualty location. 

"We immediately went ashore and carried out an assessment of the casualty and made plans to evacuate them. The casualty was really fortunate that the kayakers were close by and that they were able to help so quickly.

“He is very, very lucky. We went in and picked him up and did our assessment, he was incredibly lucky.

“From the location he fell, he hit the water which must have broken his fall and made the fall survivable.

“Having kayakers nearby, they did a great job in getting him to shore, giving treatment, mobilised him.

“We transferred him to the ILB and to the slipway in Swanage where an ambulance was waiting.

“It seemed like he was taking pictures close to the edge, nothing indicates anything other than that.

“It’s amazing to arrive to that type of callout and find a patient is conscious.”

Bournemouth Echo:

A spokesperson for Swanage Lifeboat Station added: "This multi-agency rescue enabled the casualty to be quickly and safely recovered to land from a hard to access location.  

"The casualty was handed over to waiting paramedics and we hope they will make a full recovery.

"Many people are out exploring our beautiful coastline, and we urge everyone to stay a safe distance away from the cliff edges."

Swanage Coastguard was alerted to the incident while assisting a female casualty at Anvil Point.

A spokesperson for the Coastguard team said: "The lady was located and given urgent treatment and due to her condition. Urgent air support was requested due to the location and distance from a road. 

"Rescue 187 from St Athan was tasked to assist. As the patrol waited, a report was received that another incident was happening at Old Harry Rocks. 

"A male was reported to have fallen over 90ft and was being treated by some passing kayakers. The remaining Swanage Coastguard team members along with the St Albans Coastguard team, both Swanage RNLI lifeboats, South Western Ambulance and Air Ambulance proceeded. 

"The teams arrived and managed the people on the top of the cliffs whilst the lifeboat crews provided further first aid. The injured male was taken by lifeboat to be met by further medical assistance."