SPEEDING along Ringwood Road towards Bearcross is an “ongoing issue”, according to officers of the Dorset Police No Excuse team.

The team reported a number of drivers to court for speeding, seized a vehicle without insurance and fined illegally parked cars in a busy shift.

A spokesperson said: “The Mazda 6 in silver was stopped in Christchurch, the vehicle was showing no insurance, the driver claimed they had insurance, a quick search of emails found ‘thanks, you are no longer insured with us’ – six points and £300 fine and vehicle seized.

“The zigzags in Charminster Road, Bournemouth are still a problem, it’s a guarantee that we will find someone each time we pass, mostly collecting takeaways.

“They were issued three points and £100 fine, the Nissan was actually on the crossing itself. Plenty of spaces 50m away to park properly.

“Another ongoing issue is the speed on Ringwood Road towards Bearcross, many tickets issued in this 40mph stretch, 71mph, 67mph, 76mph, reported to court with all saying, ‘I need my licence, will I get banned?’

“That’s not our decision and now down to the court. We had one vehicle at 83mph which failed stop - on going investigations with that one. I thought everyone might know we sit on this road regularly.

“We spent time on Adastral Road in Poole, which is 30mph, those issued with three points and a £100 fine for 48mph, 42mph and 40mph.

“You will be pleased to know we stopped three electric scooters in Christchurch and dealt with those offences.

“We supported our response colleagues with domestics, fights, thefts, it’s getting busy out there.”