A PUB that offers picturesque riverside dining in Wimborne is this week's Pub of the Week.

Sadie Kerslake-Smith and her husband Richard took over the pub in June 2019, renaming it RISARO at The Coventry Arms.

The family-owned restaurant and bar can be found in a 15 century building that overlooks the River Stour, which is frequented by kayakers and paddleboarders in the warmer months.

Sadie said: "It’s a lovely little place. The pub has a riverside beer garden, which people don’t know about as they’re racing past on the A31. It’s a gorgeous setting out the back, and we get a lot of people and canoeing along the river from Wimborne.

"The pub is family owned and independent, but we have a lovely team that help to run it day in and day out. We opened the pub as we live in Corfe Mullen, and we couldn’t find anywhere locally that we felt comfortable enough to eat in.

Bournemouth Echo: Food at RISARO at The Coventry Arms

"My husband has travelled in the past and he came across the 'low and slow’ cooking method, which we use as we love our meat. We take the time to tenderly cook all our 'low and slow' meats at 110 degrees Celsius to lock in all the flavours.

"We also have vegetarian and healthy options. For us, we want to provide a relaxed environment for people to enjoy. We try to provide the service we personally like to have."

Bournemouth Echo: Inside one of the domes

Over lockdown, the pair decided to partner with Dine at Dome, who have provided three all weather garden domes for indoor seating outdoors.

Sadie said: "People have really taken to the domes and have already booked for their opening on May 17. I think the domes can bring something special to the village of Corfe Mullen.

"We also hope that the domes will help to extend the hospitality season as people will stay longer, even when the temperature drops. I’m hoping to have some proposals outside the pub this year, especially now we have the domes, that’s what I really want."

Bournemouth Echo: RISARO at The Coventry Arms - domes in the day

The pub is currently open for outdoor dining, with the domes set to open on May 17 as they are classed as indoor dining.

Sadie said: "It’s the best feeling hearing people laughing and chatting in the pub again. The pub is not the same without people there."

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