ON MY frequent trips to Christchurch to shop, I appreciate the re-opening of all the businesses.

Wonderful that, unlike many, Cuckoo’s coffee shop managed to survive, hanging on grimly during lockdowns despite loss of income (but not of expenses).

Imagine my pleasure to find that in addition to seating outside Cuckoo’s, a bench and two small tables were set up against the wall (near the tunnel to shops on the other side of the road).

Imagine my disappointment today to discover that someone had complained. Why?

The bench and tables were not in anyone’s way yet the BCP Council called to say the bench and tables had to be removed.

Perhaps if the council had checked on the situation, they’d find in no way was anyone hindered.

Various tables outside various other places in Christchurch – all over the Bournemouth area – really reduce pavement space when one is walking.

This was not the case at Cuckoo’s.

I’m writing to the council to urge them to reconsider this complaint.

Businesses need support to thrive after months of being shut. Tourism is vital in this area – what better way to welcome visitors than a table or two more in the sun.