FIREFIGHTERS tackled two more woodland fires as dry weather continues to put the countryside at risk.

Crews from Ringwood were called to the entrance to Moors Valley Country Park at 5.25pm yesterday.

They also tackled a blaze off Hurn Road at Matchams in the early hours of this morning.

Crews were alerted at 2.48am and found a large area of open land affected by fire.

The fires are the latest in a series across the area.

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Seven fire crews were called to deal with a fire off Hurn Road at Avon Castle in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Crews from Verwood were also called to Stephens Castle nature reserve after a camp fire spread to surrounding undergrowth on Sunday.

And Redhill Park firefighters were called to a fire in the open off Wheelers Lane in Bearwood just after 7pm on Sunday.

A fire at Canford Heath was also dealt with at the weekend.