I SYMPATHISE with anybody who finds the digital age that we live in frightening (Letters April 5).

So do I, does that make me a Luddite?

Back in 1980 a group called New Music released a song called 'Living By Numbers'.

It as a catchy tune - how prophetic as ell.

"They don't want you name - just your number" was on of the lyrics.

Jump forward 40 years to today's insular, digital and cashless society and those sentiments are fining true.

Were will it all end?

Perhaps when all the banks and shops are shut, and technology makes our brains totally redundant, doing everything for us.

When people who work in IT can be ripped off what chance is there for the old and vulnerable?

Now even the milkman is asking us to order online.

Sadly not for me, I'll have to revert to buying the stuff in plastic bottles.

Bob Woodland