I find Christine Peter's account of the smart meter very interesting.

I have always been very dubious about its benefits but thankfully am not now in the position of having to decide.

There are a lot of advantages to being a tenant without all the responsibilities of a homeowner.

However, I do often wonder how much electricity is being consumed by having certain appliances plugged in.

I don't really think about the usual things, TV, kettle, lights, etc., but I've just bought my cat a water fountain.

This has to be left plugged in and I would love to know how much energy it uses ... mainly because my Inca has so far only looked at it with bewilderment and disgust, while I am down on my knees with my tongue flapping making slurping noises.

I keep telling her I paid loads of money and that it's just for her.

So does anyone know how much electricity is being wasted?

Maggie Ross