LIDL is one of the country's favourite supermarkets - but which of the five in and around Bournemouth is the best?

Famous for their discounted goods and bargain shopping baskets there's a lot to love about Lidl.

But each store is different - from differing layouts to the size of the middle aisle and bakery, so which one really has it all?

There are five Lidl's in and around Bournemouth including at Richmond Gardens, Christchurch Road, Holdenhurst Road, Wimborne Road and Poole Road.

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We've compared customer reviews and ratings on Goggle to find out which Bournemouth Lidl truly reigns superior.

Here's what customers have to say about the Lidl's in Bournemouth:

Lidl, Holdenhurst Road

Bournemouth Echo:

Image - Google Maps

Rating: 4.5

The newest of Bournemouth's Lidl's on this list - this store is located right next to Bournemouth Railway Station.

With 368 reviews the store has a rating of 4.5 with customers raving about the bakery section and the helpful and friendly staff, making it the best rated Lidl in Bournemouth.

One customer said: "Fabulous service from chap on checkout. He could not have been more helpful or more friendly. Scanned approx £400 of shopping and never felt rushed.

"Great stock availability and range. I am an avid cook and they had everything I needed in stock (200 items).

"Easy to social distance as it not packed as good sized store. Give it a try... you will be amazed by value and range. Spend £200 and lidl app/card gives you £10 back."

Lidl, Poole Road

Bournemouth Echo:

Image - Google Maps

Rating: 4.2

The Poole Road Lidl has a rating of 4.2 and a whopping 1,220 reviews.

One review, a Lidl super-fan if you will, said: "The bakery is very popular. The croissants and crunchy rolls sold out by midday. I visit at least three times a week and the one in our area is very nice."

One of the biggest comments from customers was that although their shopping experience and the price point is fabulous, the lack of open tills and self-service at this store was a bit of a nuissance.

This customer said: "Would be 5 stars, if more than 1checkout was manned when busy, could learn how they do it at Aldi."

Lidl, Sovereign Centre

Bournemouth Echo:

Image - Echo

Rating: 4.2

Located inside the Sovereign Centre on Christchurch Road in Boscombe, this Lidl comes in joint second place with a fabulous rating of 4.2.

Customers on Google Reviews raved about the location of the store as it's conveniently placed close to a Wilko's so you can get all your essentials in one trip.

One customer said: "Always a great place to shop. Good food, amazing prices. Staff are polite and helpful."

Another review said: "Excellent choice of good quality food at prices we all can afford. Staff always friendly and ready to help. Doorman always cheerful and fair."

Lidl, Wimborne Road

Bournemouth Echo:

Image - Google Maps

Rating: 4.1

This Lidl on Winton High Street has a rating of 4.1 and more than 1,440 reviews.

Perhaps one of the busiest and oldest Lidl's in the area, this store provides essentials for students and residents alike.

One review said: "It's always good, great variety, however they do not control the crowds as well as they could."

Friendly staff are the biggest selling point of this Lidl, with hundreds of reviews about their kindness to customers.

Another said: "Always a pleasure, the staff are lovely especially one very bubbly guy who manages the self scan he is a ray of sunshine and definitely brightens my day."

Lidl, Richmond Gardens 

Bournemouth Echo:

Rating: 4.1

This Lidl is located in the Richmond Gardens shopping mall in the town centre. 

With a rating of 4.1 customers have raved about the shop's central location and say that although it may be small, it stocks most of the essentials.

One customer said: "Not bad for a central location, they pack quite a lot of the essential Lidl stuff you'd expect, but a very small middle aisle.

"The space isn't great for social distancing so if it's a busy time there could be a big queue. However, they have self service checkouts which really speeds up the little shopping trips."

Other customers were left disappointed not only by the size of the middle aisle, but by the general size of the store.

This customer also disagreed that they even stocked the bare essentials.

They said: "No camomile tea. Really? Essential food shopping I believe. The waiting time at the checkout was shocking. Get more stuff in."

But generally speaking, 4.1 isn't a bad score.