I HAVE been a smoker for 23 years or so. It is not my fault that I smoke 30-35 cigarettes a day. I became seriously addicted almost the moment I bought my first pack of cigarettes.

I have tried numerous times to give up or simply cut down my smoking, to no avail. Life can often be very stressful and living with a severe mental health condition makes it even more testing.

Yet the prices all smokers (of legally bought cigarettes) have to pay are shockingly high, with the average pack of 20 cigarettes now costing at least £10. And now we have had the annual budget increase, the price is even higher.

Why are smokers who cannot be held responsible for getting addicted penalised so much in this way?

I spend so much on cigarettes that I have barely enough money left over for simply surviving – paying rent, bills and purchasing essential food and household supplies.

I would ask the Government of this country to kindly consider how tough things are for heavy smokers and perhaps consider reducing cigarette prices to a more reasonable level to at least make things a bit fairer.


Dorset Road, Somerford, Christchurch