PROTESTERS carrying out a 'mass trespass' on the estate of South Dorset MP Richard Drax have reportedly left the site.

The group from Weymouth Animal Rights, who say they are associated with the TUC and activist groups Extinction Rebellion and Stand up to Racism, claimed Mr Drax had personally escorted them from the site.

Yesterday, Dorset Police were called to the scene and said they had given advice to both the landowner and the protesters, as well as launching the NPAS helicopter to monitor the situation.

The group is demanding Mr Drax open the estate to the public as parkland or a wildlife reserve, make 'reparations' to the people of Barbados on behalf of property he reportedly owns there, and ban all forms of hunting on his land.

Bournemouth Echo:

The group said it was "committed to continue peaceful protests against Richard Drax".
Mr Drax has been approached for comment.