A VEGAN pizzeria is coming to Bournemouth next month to provide an "exciting new eating experience" for the town.

Mighty Pizza is set to bring American-style, junk food vegan pizzas to Bournemouth at the end of May.

The company is owned by Kate Butterworth and her husband Chris Pepper, who also run and own vegan restaurant Mighty Wieners in The Triangle.

The introduction of Mighty Pizza, which will be on the same site, follows some brainstorming over lockdown.

Kate said: "We have a back garden on our premises, and over lockdown we were having a think on what we could do with it and we decided to make the garden private and sourced a top of the range pizza oven to go in the garden.

"It’s a separate business to Mighty Wieners, but it’s on the same site; it’s alfresco dining. We have taken a space that we couldn’t use and are turning it into a green oasis.

"There are great vegan pizzas in Bournemouth, but they’re not always 100 per cent vegan. I decided to bring my love of American food and my love of pizza, especially American-style, junk food pizza, together.

"Nobody else is doing this in Bournemouth, or even really across the UK. We are bringing the flavours of Mighty Wieners to the pizza eating experience."

All pizzas will be vegan, and potential flavours include mac and cheese and pizzas topped with Mighty Wieners burgers or hot dogs, amongst many others.

Kate said: "This is something a bit different. I wanted to bring an exciting new eating experience to Bournemouth.

"We make amazing, tasty food that happens to be vegan. There are only so many vegan options out there, so we wanted to bring something new and to create more jobs for the area, which is something we’re really passionate about."