ALTHOUGH I try to keep up with local issues, I was surprised to learn in your letters page of the West Parley waste incinerator, and I suspect I am not alone.

Having searched online for ‘West Parley waste incinerator’, I found quite alarming figures around pollution and CO2 emissions, along with problems experienced by residents in the proximity of existing installations.

Those interested should do their own research.

Even allowing for the obvious bias against, it would be comforting to receive a response from BCP council refuting these figures, and confirming that allowing for the continuous downward pressure on waste production, sufficient can be obtained locally to support the project.

If not, I presume waste would need to be trucked in from other areas mainly through Parley Cross junction along roads which already suffer regular traffic lockdown.

This is before completion of the development taking place adjacent to the junction which will also add to existing traffic volumes.

If such assurances are not forthcoming, I would suggest that this form of waste disposal is not one that could be considered by any organisation eager to flaunt it’s ‘green’ credentials.


Stour Park, Northbourne