I feel horrified to think that a company is seeking planning permission to construct an incinerator at Hurn.

Despite the cleverly worded description, the project will do nothing more than burn waste to produce energy.

Not only will it not "recover" the full energy involved in the extraction, manufacture and transport of single use plastics in particular, but this will impact upon our entire conurbation with pollution.

Dioxins and particulate matter, along with the usual suspects of methane, CO2 and NO2 will fill our air.

Our road congestion is already amongst the highest in the country, so the thought of adding extra emissions at a time when we need to be reducing them, is nothing short of preposterous.

We have already seen the damage caused to our health from air pollution, with its effects related to Covid, and the recent landmark ruling of its culpability in the sad and avoidable death of a 9 year old child.

Added to these harms, projects such as this also affect recycling rates and will allow manufacturers and retail to continue to sell us a disposable lifestyle.

The application 8/21/0207/FUL can be viewed, and objected to, on the Christchurch and East Dorset planning site.

I see the council has already given up with the pretence of recycling on the seafront ready to supply an incinerator with extra, free fuel, but let's show them that this dirty energy has no place in our children's future.

John Tutton