I AM disappointed BCP Council has not informed us of the risks of locating a waste incinerator at West Parley.

We only have until April 22 to lodge an objection.

The energy produced from waste incinerators is the second dirtiest after coal-fired power.

Incinerators produce carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides, heavy metals and particulate matter, which damage health and cause birth defects.

A 2019 Imperial College study suggests the problem is less significant than around other industrial sites, but that is of cold comfort.

Government talks of ‘standards divergence’, Rees-Mogg says Indian environmental standards are good enough for us, and the waste management industry has actively campaigned to lower standards.

According to a report by Unearthed, people living near incinerators complain of noise, litter, increased vehicle traffic, smells and air pollution. It is also detrimental to the wildlife habitats adjacent to the site.

Bear in mind the incinerator would have a life of 25 years.

With a 38m chimney, the plume will be visible for miles, not good for a major tourist destination like ours.

Apparently, the smell is unbearable and gets worse as temperatures rise. People have to stay indoors and close their windows.

A similar proposal at Blunt Farm in 2016 was rejected.

Since then the council committed to achieve net-zero before 2050. We are in a climate emergency.

The answer is not more carbon emissions. I call on BCP council to reject this proposal too.


Coy Pond Road, Branksome