BOURNEMOUTH has been named as the fourth top town in the UK with the highest percentage of vegan takeaway options, according to new research.

Health company Garden of Life analysed data from Tripadvisor and Uber Eats to put together a list of the best locations for vegan takeaways across the UK.

Bournemouth ranked at number four in the 'cities with the highest percentage of vegan options' category, with 109 of 213 restaurants (which provide takeaways) in the town offering vegan options.

A total of 51 per cent of takeaway establishments and restaurants in Bournemouth offer vegan alternatives.

In the 'cities with the most vegan takeaway options' the town claimed the fifth spot, with 55 restaurants offering vegan takeaway options per 100,000 people.

To come to this conclusion, Garden of Life took the total amount of restaurants offering takeaway services and numbered those which offered vegan takeaway options from Tripadvisor to work out the percentage of vegan takeaway options in each town and city.

Using ONS data to get the total population of each town and city, the company also worked out how many vegan takeaways there are per every 100,000 people in each place.

Finally, it took average review ratings for each vegan takeaway in each town and city, according to Uber Eats.