SIR DAVID Attenborough warns us it's our last chance this year -with the coming climate conference- to "put things right".

He says young people just don't understand why the adults are not acting to protect the natural world.

He points out that global collaboration is needed or "we'll lose the lot".

Unfortunately the unambitious plans of both central and local government are a complete betrayal of the next generation and amount to a hate crime.

The young are not being told of the dreadful implications of scientific reports.

Shortages of food, clean water and other resources lie ahead as economic, natural and societal systems collapse.

Professor Newell's new report on the "polluting elite" tells us Boris Johnson's government is "too cosy" with vested interests in business to take strong action on the climate crisis.

"A thorough clean-up is needed."

Transparency is overdue.

At the same time Sir David King, a former chief scientific adviser to the government, criticises the "chumocracy" which is "privatising the NHS by stealth" and "smells of corruption".

And as central government carries on dispensing with our irreplaceable ancient woodland it seems the Wessex Fields site here is also set to be concreted over to "create something really special". (Echo 14.4.21)

Of course, the amazing beauty of the natural world is already very special indeed.

Now according to the Local Government Association it is the duty of councillors to "keep residents informed about the issues that affect them".

Democracy is encouraged.

"Good communication and engagement is central to being an effective councillor".

So it would be very nice if Cllr Broadhead would please live up to his privileged office, kindly answer my question of 10.2.21 and tell us just when residents will have a carbon-type alert like the covid alerts?

Susan Chapman