DAILY Echo readers have shared what lockdown rule or rules they want to stay in place.

This follows the easing of lockdown restrictions on Monday, April 12, when outdoor dining, non-essential shops and hairdressers reopened.

Lockdown measures were first eased on March 8 when schools reopened in England, followed by March 29 when the stay-at-home rule ended and the rule of six returned.

Here's what our readers had to say when we asked what rule they wanted to remain in place: 

  • "None except people choosing to wear masks if they know they are ill. Flu is at an all time low this year because of social distancing, so how wonderful if we could reduce the spread of cold and flu just by wearing a mask when ill. No stigma. No enforcement. Just people being considerate of others."
  • "More a case of not going back to some bad old ways but improving society generally. More kindness, consideration for others, generosity, transparency in politics."
  • "Masks in shops and buses, social distancing in queues and not having to touch random strangers (e.g handshakes and kissing)".
  • "None, life has to go on! Let's get on with it!"
  • "Sanitising hands and shopping trolleys etc. I’d also like to see continued daily cleaning of bus stops, play equipment, handrails etc."
  • "Working from home permanently would be good."
  • "No international holidays for a while yet. Other countries are not as far into their vaccinations as us and children will pass it around to each other possibly bringing it into alot of other houses."
  • "Less cars on roads, quiet, and time to hear and see nature flourish."
  • "Social distancing. Can't believe it's taken a virus and lockdown for people to realise we don't need to be in each other's faces to talk. And hand, basket and trolley sanitising."
  • "None at all. Masks should be banned full stop."
  • "Virtual parents evenings. No babysitter required and no sitting on uncomfortable tiny chairs."

Do you agree with any of the above comments, or are there other rules you would like to stay in place?