YOUR headline “a matter of luck no one was killed”.

Judge Pawson “her driving was about as dangerous as it could possibly be" and "decided to go out in a car in a very drunken state".

Ms T Tayerera attracted these comments at Bournemouth Crown Court when she drove the wrong way up the A31 at speed without a driving licence uninsured and having consumed what appears to be a substantial amount of alcohol.

Enormous credit must go to the police officers who somehow managed to stop her from causing what could have been a catastrophic crash, having to use a stinger to stop her driving.

When arrested and interviewed she apologised for causing a disruption so that makes it all right then.

The carnage that could have been created as a result of this unbelievable action does not bear thinking about.

Judge Pawson also said that she could have killed someone and would never have been able to get over it.

What about the bereaved who would be left to come to terms with losing family or friends in such awful circumstances if there had been a crash?

Once again I take the view that by not imposing an immediate custodial sentence, justice has not been done.


Catalina Drive, Poole.