A GROUP of young people have been reported to the British Transport Police for trespassing after being spotted on the railway tracks by officers in west Dorset.

Whilst out on their summer patrols, members of the neighbouring policing team at Purbeck North spotted a group of young people on the trainlines near Wool station at around 3pm on Monday April 12.

Details were acquired from the group members and “stern words of advice” were given to those involved.

Police officers have urged for all people to show caution and stay away from railway tracks.

A spokesman from Purbeck Police said: “Whilst patrolling through Wool this afternoon we noticed some Youths on the track at the train station.

“We approached them, gained details and gave them some stern words of advice.

“They have also been reported to British Transport Police for trespassing on the track. Playing on the tracks can result in death or serious injury.”