Senior School Administrator Jackie Turner has retired from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary in Upper Parkstone after 37 years of dedicated service.

But the school staff and pupils could not let this momentous occasion pass without paying tribute to her - by creating and naming a new school garden in her honour.

Jackie’s Oasis Garden is a quiet garden that has recently been renovated with the new addition of a story chair and circle added where children can enjoy quiet story times. A pond is also planned so the garden can be used as a learning environment as well as a quiet place for the children to relax.

Mrs. Turner’s association with the school actually began over 60 years ago as a 5-year-old pupil, starting school at St Joseph’s in 1959.

Then, following schooling, Mrs. Turner returned to St Joseph’s during the late seventies to voluntarily run a school ‘Mums and Babies’ group before starting work in the school office in 1984.

Head Teacher Mr Neil McDermott said: "Mrs Turner has been a consistent presence for many generations of families who have been associated with the school. We shall all miss Jackie’s welcoming smile even on the dreariest of mornings.  Everyone connected with the school would like to say thanks for her commitment to the school and wish her an enjoyable and happy retirement. "

Jackie knew this was being done but did not see the changes until her last day, saying she felt "very honoured.".

Three generations of Jackie’s family have attended the school as both her children and grandchildren have all attended the school.

As a retirement legacy Jackie’s fundraiser is to provide a water well to provide clean and safe water in a village in India through the charity Reaching The Unreached.  Jackie’s wish is that this will create a link with the school as the water well will be named St Joseph’s.

Jackie's association with the school doesn't end here for she will return to school to volunteer, to read with the children and help on school trips.