I FEEL I must have my say. I have been a resident of West Howe for 20 years and it was the best decision I ever made.

Over the years I have seen the bus service to our area reduced to the bare minimum.

The only way to hospital is on the Number 14 Morebus. Yellow busses only do Winton and Bournemouth.

 Lidls on Ringwood road has closed until December so I have been forced to use Aldi Wallisdown (even though Lidls gave me vouchers to Hatch Pond which is unavailable to me as I am 82 and no longer drive on government request).

This week we went to Aldi and exited the shop at 10:20am and was waiting at the bus stop until 10:50am.

 Having thought the bus was not coming we walked to Talbot Medical Practice where we saw the bus Number 14 coming out of Canford Avenue.

On complaining to the driver, we were informed that the bus route had changed but all bus signs did not show this and we were unaware.

Many routes have been removed without consultation and thought to the passengers waiting at the stops.

Is it not the bus companies responsibility to cover up signs to prevent passengers waiting for buses that will not arrive?

Geoff Haywood

West Howe, Bournemouth