A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy from Creekmoor collected 17 bags of rubbish, including 40 face masks, during a 12-hour sponsored litter pick of his local area.

Marley Keen walked over 33,000 steps on Saturday April 3 around his hometown and Upton, where he goes to school, collecting rubbish with his mother Sonja.

She said: “Marley really enjoyed the litter picking challenge.

Luckily, he's young and innocent so doesn't get frustrated like I do sometimes.

Some of the rubbish we found in car parks especially had quite obviously been thrown out of a car window on purpose which really upsets me. Especially when there is usually a bin very close by.

Along with the 40 face masks, Marley and his mum also found many odd trainers, shoes and socks.

Having initially set out to raise £200 for Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue and Dorset Wildlife Trust, Marley have now raised over £1,500 for his efforts.

Sonja added: “Marley is very happy with the total he has raised especially because he has beaten what he raised last year.

“He's already planning next year's fundraiser.

“Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue have arranged for him to visit them and meet some of their hedgehogs and he's very excited about this.”

Marley also took part in the litter pick on Sandbanks beach organised by the Coacora Foundation the following day on Sunday April 4.

The eco-friendly company were responsible for cleaning up the mess left by people on the evening of Thursday April 1.

“He's definitely going to continue his efforts,” said Sonja.

“We went down to Sandbanks on Monday night and collected a bin liner of rubbish in just half an hour.

“This did make him a bit upset because he knows if this rubbish ends up in the sea it can be very harmful to the harbour wildlife. He's looking forward to joining organised litter picks with other people.”