DORSET Police are focussing on tackling antisocial behaviour in Sandbanks and have set up a new operation to help their cause.

Operation Sandman will see regular high-visibility patrols in Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs throughout the summer weekends

It comes after Dorset Police received numerous reports of large groups gathering in the area, anti-social driving and overnight sleepers on the beach.

Neighbourhood inspector Ady Thompson, of Poole police, said: “Operation Sandman has been set up to target anti-social behaviour in the evenings in the Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs areas throughout the weekends during the summer months.

“We are aware of reports of people gathering in groups outside properties well into the night, anti-social driving, fires and overnight sleepers on the beach and we want to help reduce any potential disturbances.

“We will be looking to take action against anybody driving in an anti-social manner and ensure everyone is complying with the Road Traffic Act.

“As part of the operation, officers from the local neighbourhood policing team will be carrying out regular high-visibility patrols in both areas, with support from partner agencies.

“While on patrol, officers will engage with anyone seen acting in an anti-social manner and seek to provide early intervention to prevent any further crime or disorder.

“We are fully aware of the distress and upset that anti-social behaviour causes to the local community and that is why this operation has been launched.

“We are committed to working with our partner agencies to tackle the issue and ensure residents and visitors feel safe and enjoy their time in the area.”

As reported, the Easter weekend was the first when the new operation was in action.

It proved to be a busy weekend for officers, after a huge brawl broke out by the Tesco Express store, leading to a man being taken to hospital with serious injuries and an assault on two officers.

After the incident, Dorset Police assistant chief constable, Sam de Reya, said: “This incident involved a large number of people and we had to deploy specialist units, including the dog section, to the scene to assist in dispersing the group.

“We take reports of violent disorder very seriously. Following the incident in Shore Road, officers will be carrying out patrols in the area and will continue to use the 4Es approach to the new legislation, including engagement, education and encouragement to ask members of the public to comply with the regulations. Enforcement action will be taken where necessary.”