BOURNEMOUTH has been named as one of the best places for seaside property in the country, according to new research.

According to Google trends, searches for properties by the sea have risen 160 per cent, reflective of the increase in people considering the location of their next property.

Bathroom and shower specialists created a points-based system for 50 UK towns to discover which seaside location makes for the best properties.

Bournemouth ranked at number 15 by totalling 394 out of 800 on the company's points system which is based on different factors.

When it comes to air quality, one of the factors investigated, Bournemouth comes in at 24 degrees on the air quality index (AQI), contributing 21 points to the town's total score.

Bournemouth's average property price of £314,246 only earns the town 18 points in this department, while the 1776.7 hours of sunshine gives the town a score boost with 85 points.

The town's maximum temperature of the town (14.8 degrees celcius) provides 87 points. 

Further afield, Weymouth grabbed second place with a total score of  528 out of 800. 

When it comes to air quality, Weymouth is among the best, coming in at 16 degrees on the air quality index, therefore adding 91 points to its total score.