Kind-hearted Ella Daly who spent her Christmas money making care packages for children has now raised more than £1,000 so she can keep going.

The 11-year-old, who attends Allenbourn School in Wimborne, decided to spread a bit of happiness to those who were struggling during the most recent lockdown.

She started making boxes for 11 to 13-year-olds and they included small gifts, positive quotes, activities and goodies.

After running out of Christmas and pocket money she set herself a fundraising challenge relating to her age.

For 11 days in a row she vowed to walk 11,000 steps, cycle 11 miles and sleep 11 hours.

She completed her challenge and has now raised over £1,000 through her crowdfunder page and is making more care packages.

They will be for boys and girls as well as older people and any money left over will be donated to the Wimborne Food Bank.

Ella, who lives with mum Katie, dad Sean and siblings Daisy and Wilf in Colehill, said: “During lockdown I made a few little care packages for children who were struggling.

“I didn’t know the children but I just wanted to do something to give people a little bit of happiness in their day and let them know people care about them.

“When I ran out of money I decided to raise some more and set myself a challenge. Thanks to everyone who donated I am now making more care packages.

“I’d love to hear from anybody who might like one.”

Mum Katie said: “We are extremely proud of Ella – she came up with the idea and started making the packages during the last lockdown.

“The response has been overwhelming and we are very grateful to everyone who has supported Ella.”

Cindy Pritchard, headteacher of Allenbourn Middle School, which is part of Wimborne Academy Trust, said: “Well done Ella.

“Our students have done some wonderful things for others during the last year and Ella embodies the school’s values.”