I THINK the idea of introducing a 'covid passport' is just a first way to get Britain's economy and businesses back open again.

The vaccine roll-out and now over five million people having their second jab has been nothing but very successful.

Many would say it's now time to get back to normal.

However, there is still a very large group of young people who have not yet had their first jab and even many more, not their second.

The situation or threat, along with getting our economy back on track, is now at a very fine balance.

The greatest fear is that we are not yet 'out of the woods' when it comes to Covid 19 and the possibility of further and even far more dangerous mutations still exists.

One mistake now could put us all back to square one.

When it comes to 'letting all doors open again', the high majority of those venues will be surged upon by mostly the young - those without the jab or second more secure protection.

Those over 60 or so of whom have far more protection, are less than likely to crowd such 'hospitality' businesses as those younger.

So although I fully understand the logic behind it all, 'Covic Passports' will be dividing up the people of our country: the younger than 60, those through medical or personal reasons and even illegal immigrants from having full freedom, in order to begin halfway to getting our country up and running again and in the safest way possible.

When the vaccine roll-out has been given out to at least ninety per cent of the second jab to all UK people (providing a serious mutation does not occur), then we can open all doors to everybody and passports or even masks will no longer be required.

Plus, you will be able to hug and kiss Granny again.

Christine Peters