I was delighted to learn that a hydrogen production unit is scheduled for planning in the Bournemouth area.

I spent many years working in the fuel industry in the coal, oil and natural gas sectors and have been propounding hydrogen production as a clean fuel using solar panels for twenty years.

It's great to see it happening at last.

Recently, I prepared a paper for the Minister of Energy describing how the government could take a real hand in combating Climate Change by subsidising house owners to the tune of just £2,000 a home to install solar panel arrays.(Around £5,000).

This involves everyone in the literal 'fight for survival' we are facing and everyone benefits.

The power would be cheaper to produce at its point of use and would save costs since fields would not need to be purchased or rented adding middlemen into the train of delivery.

Hydrogen could still be manufactured at places like the old Poole gasworks and fed into the gas mains diluting natural gas supplies.

Roughly speaking power produced from roofs costs about 5 pence a kWh.

From rented, leased or owned farmland it's double that.

Roofs aren't eyesores.

Who spends their days looking down on them?

Fields are for agriculture and leisure.

We must be careful that saving the planet doesn't become a profit opportunity for the few.

Mike Joslin