NEARLY 300 drivers were stopped for speeding in one day on two Bournemouth roads.

Dorset Road Safe detected 280 vehicles over the speed limit in Castle Land West and the A338 Spur Road.

The team were part of an operation which saw 12 vehicles seized and a further 16 drivers handed tickets yesterday.

Officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse team joined forces with Special Constables and local patrol officers n a day of action.

A total of 150 vehicles were checked against the national computer database with 12 seized for no insurance or no tax.

More than 30,000 speeding offences in Dorset in a year

Six tickets were issued for expired MOTs, two for excessive widow tints, two for illegal number plates, four for speeding and one each for using a mobile phone while driving and failing to appear in court in relation to drink driving.

after the operation a spokesman for No Excuse urged motorists to check documents and emails carefully

"We stopped a lot of vehicles that flagged up as document offences initially, but errors were identified, such as insurance company had a B as a D, or the insurance company wasn’t aware of a private plate now on the vehicle. Check documents and emails."