JOIN the Daily Echo on a trip back to 1986 with this selection of wonderful images.

The pictures are likely to evoke memories from when they were taken 35 years ago.

Many of the locations shown are instantly recognisable despite plenty of changes having been made in the years since.

Poole Arts Centre in September 1986

Poole Arts Centre in September 1986

The Poole Arts Centre – now known as Lighthouse - opened in April 1978 and is the biggest arts centre in the UK outside London.

As well as a cinema, gallery, restaurant and function rooms, the building also packs in a concert hall which is home to Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Plenty of bands played there in 1986 – as they do each year – including The Ramones and New Order.

The Safeways store and The Park in Avenue Road, Bournemouth in 1986.

The Safeways store and The Park in Avenue Road, Bournemouth in 1986.

Safeway Supermarket used to be under the multi-storey car park in Avenue Road.

We grew up in Bournemouth and Poole Facebook group member Penny Jyoti Falzoni said: "I shopped there. And Habitat next door."

Cindy Nurse commented: "I worked there when it first opened and remember the intercoms at each register I must have been about 17 years old.

Bournemouth Echo:


Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth in 1986.

Old Christchurch Road still looks much the same, although many of the businesses have changed in the years since.

Long's bar can no longer be found and the Dalkeith Arcade is now known as Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre.

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