OVER the last 25 years I have observed cyclists using Poole High Street, Kingland Crescent and Falkland Square, and never been aware of any conflict with pedestrians like me.

There is clearly a right of way for cyclists all along this route. It is called a restricted byway, allowing cyclists and pedestrians but preventing cars.

If they cycle dangerously, which I have never seen happening, there are various laws available to the police and always have been.

What is not acceptable, is randomly putting up no cycling notices with no public consultation and no law that anyone has been able to tell me about, justifying this blocking of a public right of way.

If people want cycling banned in Poole High Street, then various options are available to the council to make this happen, and to make sure it is what people want in Poole, which it definitely is not.

Clearly the existence of markings on the pavement and at the entrance leading to the train station and the underpass linking the service road at the back of the bus station to the park allowing cycling, plus the provision of cycling stands along the high street give a strong message that the businesses and residents want people to be able to get to them by bike.

I have watched with dismay the growing mushrooming of utter rubbish all along the high street over the last 25 years from unwanted phone boxes used only as public toilets, to litter bins for people who should take their litter home and benches that attract rowdy street drinkers.

All of these make walking for a sighted pedestrian difficult enough, let alone someone disabled by sight loss, or trying to use a mobility scooter let alone the brave eco warriors who use a bike to reach Poole’s shops and cafes to buy from or work in them.

What Poole High Street needs is a well overdue decluttering of all this ridiculous unsightly junk, yes, that includes the litter magnet planters, and safe segregated cycle lanes put in through the centre.

There is plenty of room from where cars used to go, and they take up far less room than cars.

We could then get back to having a good quality market between Sainsburys and the High Street, in Falkland Square, and the junctions of the High Street with various side roads.

If you want to attract money into a business area, welcome in the bikes, don’t drive them out with no cycling signs. Let’s show Boscombe how to run a town centre.


Britannia Road, Poole