I AM hoping that I might enlist your help.

On Saturday, March 20, at about 3pm a daylight fireball exploded over Dorset causing sonic booms that were heard all over the county.

The brilliant flash of the explosion that preceded the sound could be seen through thin cloud.

The fireball was so bright that even in daylight it could be seen from across the English Channel in Jersey, where it was fine and sunny.

Scientists, including myself, have been trying to pinpoint the path of this fireball over Dorset as we believe it may have dropped meteorites in Dorset or Hampshire.

We would like to hear from people who: 1) Saw the brilliant flash of the explosion through thin cloud. 2) Have CCTV security cameras with microphones on them as these will have recorded the sonic boom.

We should be most grateful if anyone who has such information could email meteor@britastro.org If you need to call me my mobile number is 0790 890061.


Director, Meteor Section, British Astronomical Association