ARTS University Bournemouth (AUB) has been recognised in a government report on how English universities benefit the economy and society.

The university is working with organisations including the RNLI, Lush and a host of small and medium sized businesses to champion entrepreneurial skills and talent.

Research England, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has released the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF), which identifies areas of expertise for universities in key areas.

The report highlighted AUB’s work in areas of public and community engagement, skills, enterprise and entrepreneurship, and local growth and regeneration.

AUB’s Innovation Team is responsible for the institution’s connections with industry and has launched a number of collaborative projects with brands like LoveLove Films, LV=, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Virgin Startup and both Bestival and Larmer Tree Festivals.

Among its partners is local teal-time intelligence provider IOT Solutions, which has been working with the university to develop prototypes of its sensors.

Founder Emma Mahy said: “The primary challenges we needed to overcome were associated with moving our engineering research and development programme onto the next phase, moving from prototype hardware to production ready devices.

“Without learning about the possibilities available for prototypes and without the support of the broader AUB team we would have struggled to develop and refine a production ready product. AUB’s support has been invaluable to us.”

Daniel Cox, knowledge and exchange manager at AUB, said: “AUB is proud to be alongside some of the country’s top universities for our community engagement and commitment to local growth and regeneration. Through vibrant and varied collaborations with a wide range of businesses and organisations both large and small, AUB continues to promote an emphasis on the shared prosperity of the region through the development of skills, knowledge and expertise.

“The Knowledge Excellence Framework helps us to formalise this important work, and we are keen acknowledge the brilliant work of our local partners, who strive to better Dorset’s economy; developing key skills and encouraging the future success of the area.”

Work to complete the university’s new Innovation Studio will be complete later this year, providing a base for small business start-ups across /Dorset which will be able to use AUB’s specialist equipment to develop ideas.