Our pets continue to bring us comfort and companionship during the pandemic.

They are an incentive to go out and exercise, and a friendly face to come home to at the best of times.

But during lockdown they mean more to us than ever - and they are enjoying having us around more too!

This week's selection of superstar dogs includes two with their own Instagram accounts.

Your handsome hounds include Dorset pug Winston who is attracting lots of 'likes' @winstonporterpug.

His owner says:"Winston is a happy, energetic, and playful character who loves beach walks, socialising, and chasing anything that will give him a challenge! He is ruled by his stomach and treats are the way to his heart, along with fuss and attention from anyone who gives it."

Also an Instagram hit is 6- month- old Teddy. He is a cockalierpoo (mum a cocker spaniel x cavalier spaniel and dad a miniature poodle).

His owner Joanna Keeling said: "We got Teddy as a result of a 2 year campaign by our then 11 year old daughter who emailed my husband and I a PowerPoint presentation which had a compelling case for having a dog! Needless to say she was successful but as we agreed lockdown happened making it hard to find a puppy. We were also due to go to Florida so had agreed it would have to be after the holiday to be fair to a new puppy. Of course this holiday was postponed several times so we finally got Teddy ahead of the holiday on December 12th just in time for him to meet the Christmas tree!

"He is a bundle of fluff that has a mischievous but loveable character. He got used to my son and daughter being around whilst remote learning and didn’t understand where they went every day when they returned to school. But I have kept him busy with walks on the beach and exploring our lovely home town.

"We have even documented his puppy life on Instagram where it’s nice to chat to fellow dog owners for tips and advice and capture all his cheeky behaviour! (@teddythecockalierpoo)

"He has helped the children so much in lockdown, unlike the first lockdown where the weather was beautiful and we were always outdoors, enthusiasm for going out was considerably less during the Winter lockdown. So walking a puppy encouraged both to go out and together they walked and talked!

"It’s hard work having a puppy (I had 2 children under 2 and they were easier!) but a lot of fun."

Our other gorgeous dogs are Rusty and Bradley. Their owner James Udall says they love "relaxing in the gym after walks, sleeping till 11 and lots of tasty treats!"

And Merisa Trent in Poole says her dog Alfred "loves long walks and chasing a ball: he's pictured waiting for his ball to be thrown!"

Janet Hall in Highcliffe says her dog Guy "loves running for a ball and to paddle in the sea. He's pictured at the top of Hengistbury Head, resting after a game with his ball at King George V playing fields in Ferndown and also at home with friend Scottie."

We would love to see more pictures of your pets keeping you company during the pandemic. Just fill in the simple Q & A at this link: