HAVE you ever wondered where the poshest and most expensive streets are in Bournemouth?

Property prices in Bournemouth are some of the highest in the country with the town recently being crowned as one of the most expensive places to buy in the UK.

The average price for a house is currently £314,246 according to Zoopla, however houses on Bournemouth's most expensive streets sell for more than double that figure. 

Zoopla have revealed the top 10 most expensive roads in the town: 

10. Branksome Dene Road, BH4 - £816,103

9. Dunkeld Road, BH3 - £823,188 

8. Elgin Road, BH4 - £824,000

7. Kinross Road, BH3 - £827,651 

6. Oban Road, BH3 - £861,461

5. Rothesay Road, BH4 - £915, 921

Bournemouth Echo:

Rothesay Road property - Google Maps

The fifth most exclusive road in Bournemouth is Rothesay Road where the average cost of a house is estimated around £915,921.

Properties on this road have increased in value by more than 13 per-cent in the last five years. 

4. Glenferness Avenue, BH3 - £919,359

Bournemouth Echo:

Properties on Glenferness Avenue - Google Maps

Glenferness Avenue is one of the most expensive roads in Bournemouth and prices are continuing to rise with an increase in value of 5.93 per-cent in the past 12 months. 

Detached properties on this road are currently valued at an average of £960,116.

3. Berwick Road, BH3 - £940, 033

Bournemouth Echo:

A property on Berwick Road - Google Maps 

Properties on Berwick Road have increased in value by more than five per-cent since the start of the pandemic. 

The average price paid for a detached house has been £1,027,500 in the past five years - however, only two properties have sold in that time frame and only six in the last 10 years. 

2. Leven Avenue, BH4 - £1,033,707

Bournemouth Echo:

A property on Leven Avenue - Google Maps 

The average price of property on Leven Avenue is around £1,033,707. 

In the past 20 years the property value on this road has increased by an average of £677,076 (more than 176 per-cent). 

Since the start of the pandemic prices have continued to rise, with a positive value increase of more than 3 per-cent. 

1. Little Forest Road,  BH4 - £1,076,335

Bournemouth Echo:

A property on Little Forest Road, Google Maps.

​​The most expensive road in Bournemouth is Little Forest Road.

The average price has increased by 3.08 per-cent in the last 12 months.

In the last five years the value of property on this road has increased by 13.7 per-cent.

Flats in Little Forest Road sold for an average of £370,000 and detached houses for £1,280,000.