THE sight of a police cordon and crime scene investigators donning white suits to examine the area has become a staple feature in reports for many years.

But what part do these officers play in the police, why do they wear all that PPE and how rewarding is it when they find a key piece of evidence.

In the first episode of a new audio series, The Echo Dispatch, regional forensic coordinator Ryan Howell discusses in detail about the work of his team.

The Echo Dispatch aims to bring a series of interviews with people across the local area to provide an insight in the work they do or a passion for their chosen craft.

Asked about the role forensics has during an investigation, Mr Howell said: "Looking at how we fit into investigations, I like to use the comparison, in terms of importance, we are like a jigsaw piece.

Bournemouth Echo: Ryan Howell, inset, is a regional forensic coordinatorRyan Howell, inset, is a regional forensic coordinator

"Sometimes we are the corner piece and that is where the investigation starts and sometimes we are that one piece in the middle that has been missing and it is under the rug somewhere on the floor that sort of finishes the picture."

The full interview can be listened to below.

If there is someone in Dorset who you would like to hear from, or a profession that you would like to find out more about, send your suggestions to and we will do our best to feature it during the series.