SO THERE it is Boris Johnson's so called ethics laid bare, greed is good.

The deadliest mortal sin of them all, the one thing that is the scourge of humankind, greed, and according to the leader of our nation is the prime motive.

The scientists who have been working on pandemic vaccines for at least 20 years are doing it for greed, but the Oxford/Astro-Zeneca people are making it at cost.

No this is what Johnson and his monetised mates believe.

Here we are in a world polarised by inequality, hunger, and desperation, and Johnson thinks that greed is what got us the vaccine.

What I hopefully think he has done is shown him and his colleagues for what they are. A bunch of self serving, greedy people who should hang their heads in shame over the inequalities of our country.

Greed is the cause of humanity's problems, and certainly not the answer.

We have to ask ourselves, do we want to live in a society where greed is considered to be the best thing?

I expect the local Conservative Party will get personal and try and be their usual selves by name calling and rubbishing my letter, or saying he didn't mean it.

Sometimes the mask slips,and shows us that the Emperor has no clothes and is a dangerous extremist.

Robert Way