AS LOCAL residents we have to respond to the point made in the item on Ashley Road (March 26) about rough sleepers urinating in the street.

For those who don’t know a large part or the responsibility for this situation falls squarely on local Lib Dem councillors, back in 2014, who sent out flyers telling us they “wholeheartedly” supported close down of Jubilee Road toilets.

There was huge outcry but nevertheless the toilets were closed and then demolished.

To this day not just rough sleepers but for all of us no public toilets in the high street.

And the rough sleepers causing problems in Ashley Road.

It used to be three years back at just one location, street benches where Ashley connects with Madeira Road. This became, if you like, the rough sleepers patch.

We had few problems in other parts of Ashley Road.

But then the ward councillor organised the removal of all four benches. All this did was then to move the problem to far busier central Ashley, the busy bus stops. and around St Johns church and play school.

But for this move, and demolition of the toilets, any problems would be at one location, away from central shops and bus stops, for police to deal with, as and when.
In all ward councillors have not improved the situation.

It is then a tad ironic they launch a petition for improvements when a large share of the responsibility for how the situation has worsened, over recent years, falls to these same local ward councillors.

Churchill Road, Parkstone