IT IS interesting to learn that Prince Harry has become one of the 15 commissioners and three co-chairs at the Aspen Institute’s “Commission on Information Disorder” (fake news to you and me).

Especially as a spokesman for Harry and Meghan has now admitted that the claim made by the Duchess in that infamous Soap Oprah – that she and Harry had been secretly married three days before their £23 million wedding (courtesy of British taxpayers) – was untrue.

Fake news in fact, Harry!

The Duke may have lost some of his ‘appointments’ following the decision of the couple to decamp to La-la-land, but he is gathering new titles at a pace that would not shame an Olympic sprinter.

His appointment as a commissioner on the fake news think-tank came just a few days after he became the new “chief impact officer” (whatever that means) for BetterUp – the personal growth and professional development company (whatever that means).

Great to see that the couple’s desire for more privacy, away from the glare of media attention is paying off – paying, being the operative word.


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