I HAVE just read that the council is closing the A3049 in one direction to improve walking, cycling and pedestrian facilities.

Already they have narrowed the roads in many areas causing traffic jams which obviously result in more pollution and higher blood pressure for the drivers.

Motorists pay to be allowed to use the roads, have to abide by strict safety measures, have insurance and current MOTs.

Cyclists do not have to have insurance, wear safety gear, carry ID or contribute towards the upkeep of the roads.

The majority of cyclists do not even use the numerous cycle paths as they say that they do not have to and incur more punctures using them as they are never swept.

In Europe the cycle paths work because there is room for wide roads and wide cycle paths.

In England we need wider roads not small ‘lanes’ crammed with cars whilst the cycle paths are rarely used.

I would suggest that the councillors drive along the A3049 at busy times and look at the ratio of cars to bikes.

Making more cycle lanes will not reduce the number of cars on the roads because it is impractical for most of us to ride bikes to shop, travel to work etc.

If bikes are to be encouraged then they should at least have insurance, have to wear safety gear and pass a roadworthy test for both their bikes and themselves.


Claremont Avenue, Bournemouth