BOURNEMOUTH beach might have been voted 'best of the best' for 2021 on TripAdvisor, but that doesn't mean it pleases everyone. 

The beach, pier and surrounding attractions bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and it is one of the main reasons people choose to live in the area.

Despite its popularity, there is just no pleasing some people. 

Some visitors have been so displeased with their stay they've taken to TripAdvisor to vent, leaving some pretty harsh - but hilarious - reviews

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Here are five of Bournemouth beach's toughest critics and what they had to say about it: 

"Bournemouth dogs toilet"

Bournemouth Echo:

Despite dogs not being allowed on the beach in August one reviewer still called it a 'dogs toilet'.

Reviewer Sandbanks17 said: "Bournemouth beach is a dogs toilet.

"How this beach has a blue flag is beyond me. Dogs in the water everywhere urinating in the dunes where children love to play.

"Constantly patrolled by beach staff during the day who sit in the vans and drive up and down doing nothing!

"BAN dogs from April to the end of September like most responsible resorts."

This  review was left in August 2020 - dogs are only allowed in certain areas of the beach between 1 May and 30 September. 

"Go and lie on your nearest landfill site for an equivalent experience"

Bournemouth Echo:

One reviewer likened the beach to a landfill site.

Reviewer Telecoms2 was not impressed at all. They said: "I have never been to such a shockingly dirty beach.

"The beach is 50 per-cent sand and 50 per-cent BBQ Charcoal.

"By mid afternoon it’s littered with dirty nappies, used tampons, and a ton of household waste, actually reading on the news later, it’s 30 tons of household waste on an average day.

"Disgusting beach."

"Take a paramedic with you"

Bournemouth Echo:

The Durley Road car park in Bournemouth

One poor person drove all the way down to Bournemouth but ended up not staying due to the cost of the car parks - which begs the question, why didn't they check online?

Doggiedogdog said: "Car parks - If you drive to Bournemouth take a paramedic with you because you will need them when you see how much they want to charge you for parking.

"Unfortunately we did not bother to stop so I have no idea if Bournemouth is any good.

"In my view give Bournemouth a big miss and try one of the many smaller beaches with sensible parking charges.

"Bournemouth you should hang your heads in shame at flipping off drivers."

"Good for England, terrible compared to the best beaches in the world."

Bournemouth Echo:

For this reviewer, Bournemouth just didn't live up to Bondi.

Despite being named as one of the best beaches in the world, humble Bournemouth just could not please Russ0404.

He said: "Beach is ok if you are in UK as better then most of the polluted brown waters and windy places.

"Laughable when you see on a list of top beaches in the world.

"Compared to Australian, Greek or Thai beaches it's like looking at a garbage dump."

"Nothing to offer"

Bournemouth Echo:

(Image - Bournemouth Pier)

Despite a pier full of amusements, including a zip line and rock climbing centre  - Bournemouth beach just had "nothing to offer" Rachel E.

She said: "We went here on a day trip to Bournemouth wanting a sandy beach, and were shocked at how small and naff the beach is.

"Luckily the next day we went to a beach in Christchurch which was far superior."