LULWORTH Rangers at Durdle Door are urging people to sign a petition to protect the coast from post-lockdown damage ahead of lockdown restrictions easing.

The 'Protect the UK’s Countryside and Coast from post lockdown damage' petition is published with the Government Petitions Committee.

Although the petition is not specific to Durdle Door, Lulworth Rangers are keen for people to sign it following the carnage that ensued last summer.

'We do not want a repeat of 2020'

Lulworth Estate wants to draw attention to the poor environmental and antisocial behaviours that are threatening habitats and wildlife and drawing emergency services and local staff away from their primary duties.

Bournemouth Echo: Visitors to Durdle Door on Sunday, May 31. Picture: BNPSVisitors to Durdle Door on Sunday, May 31. Picture: BNPS

There are concerns that history will repeat itself following the easing of restrictions on March 29, which is when the stay at home rule will end.

In a statement, the Estate said: "We earnestly do not want a repeat of 2020 for the upcoming season as delicate environments cannot sustain the level of degradation they received last year.

"We are asking that the government should fund nationwide and sustained countryside public behaviour messaging and education, including: messaging ahead of the current lockdown ending, an ongoing campaign directed at staycationers across the UK and a sustained education initiative, thus creating a lasting legacy

"We want everyone on a trip or holiday to learn to take collective responsibility for looking after the UK’s green (and blue) spaces.

"From your National Park, to your local park or beach, let’s get the message out there to look after these special places."

Why is the petition needed?

Last year, environmental issues at the beauty spot ranged from traffic pressure on small local roads, wild toileting, serious littering and wildfire.

Bournemouth Echo: Litter at Durdle Door. Photo: Lulworth EstateLitter at Durdle Door. Photo: Lulworth Estate

Social issues included illegal parking, trespass, fly camping and abuse of local residents.

It is because of of these issues that the Lulworth Estate is calling for more action to protect the UK’s outdoor green spaces.

Rangers want action from the government to protect the homes of wildlife, reduce the damage caused by litter and to prevent the emergency services from dealing with "sensationalist stunts", "unthinking" parking, wildfires and more.

The Estate said: "With over 20 million adults visiting the countryside each year, messages need to be nationwide, regular and repeated throughout the summer of 2021, whilst educating the next generation of children to protect and cherish their 'Perfect Planet'".

To sign the petition, visit: