A FLORIST in Kinson has been hiding bouquets all over Bournemouth to add some cheer and sunshine to people's lives.

Sam Benstead-Wright, one of the owners of family-run Poppies Florist, based in Wimborne Road started the scheme with her family about three years ago.

The acts of kindness from the florist team have been even more poignant over the last year and it is something Sam plans on continuing.

Sam said: "Whenever one of us feels a bit rubbish we leave bouquets of flowers around the area, small ones and larger ones.

"We try and keep it in Kinson and spread a bit of cheer to the area. It's so special watching people pick up a bunch of our flowers.

"It's been such a hard year for us as a family, especially in the last wave of coronavrus as we've had so many funerals.

"After watching Roman Kemp's 'Our Silent Emergency' documentary, I ordered 80 bunches of daffodils and, on Saturday, my son and I hid 20 around the area. My mum and I then hid 32 the next day.

"Seeing people's faces light up just fills you with cheer."

The bouquet of flowers, which can vary in shape and size, usually include an inspirational note such as 'you are enough' and 'in a world where you can be anything, be kind'.

Finding bouquets of Poppies Florist flowers has become increasingly popular.

Sam said: "We didn't expect this great response, but we don't do it for the response, we do it to add a little bit of cheer to people's lives.

"If I ever have any single stems of flowers leftover I will always leave them outside the shop. This act could change somebody's day or mindset and add some sunshine to their life.

"It's important as well for our children to know to give back and make someone feel a bit brighter."