THIS week’s host of cuddly companions include another adorable collection of dogs.

And they all appear to be happy having their owners around for longer in lockdown.

The dogs are enjoying more time at the beach, including puppy Ludo a whippet who loves to “snuffle in the sand and carry feathers” says Laura Franklin in Westbourne, who adds, “He is learning to play nicely with the many other dogs he meets on our daily beach walk. “

Becky Kilshawe’s dog Lilly in Canford Heath loves going to Sandbanks Beach for walks and meeting up with her sister Nala, whilst Sally Trowbridge in Poole says her dog Maxwell also loves to swim - and steal wool!

Susan Connelly’s dog Dylan in Verwood, however, is looking forward to going to the groomers to get his nails clipped and teeth cleaned!

They all live with Dorset families and make up part of our weekly pets column in paper and online.

We would love to feature more of your pets brightening up our lives in lockdown. Please follow this link for all the details: