Archbishop Wake CE Primary School in Blandford Forum are celebrating the success of a music video they made to unite the school community in lockdown.

The video has not only delighted everyone associated with it but has received high praise from the Department for Education (Dfe) too!

 Inspired by an idea from the parents/carer association (The Friends of Archbishop Wake), the children, staff and community came together on the video to collectively sing ‘Count on me’ – an original Bruno Mars song.

It came as they all looked forward to returning to school.

Parent Dan Baker is the brains behind this uplifting music composition and pieced together the intricate video of all the different groups that provided their singing - and dancing!

The video also features pupils providing sign language interpretation and an amusing appearance by Head teacher Daniel Lasbury-Carter as Freddie Mercury.

The Dfe said they "love it" and shared it on their social media. The video (available on the school’s YouTube channel: has had over 2,400 views in just over a week. One person commented: “That was so lovely those beautiful children and amazing teachers what a lovely thing to do thank you all it made my day.”Another said “It’s got to get to number one in the charts.”

Headteacher, Mr Lasbury-Carter said: “After such a long and difficult year with the disruptions of lockdowns, this video came at a time where we really wanted and needed the community to be together – and this video has done exactly that. Archbishop Wake is a very special community to be involved with and we are all very proud.”

The Dfe said: “We love this video from Archbishop Wake Primary School in Blandford Forum, Dorset, of pupils singing ‘Count on Me’! Headteacher Mr Lasbury-Carter says the pupils made the video to celebrate being back in school, and that it expresses the school’s strong sense of community spirit .”

Teaching assistant Anna Butler, who also has a child at the school, said of the lockdown video: “Most of the kids, and adults were at home but some were in school. We wanted to do something to bring our community together. I particularly enjoyed seeing our head teacher Mr Lasbury-Carter dressed as Freddie Mercury, although he may be mistaken for Manuel from Fawlty Towers! Watch here: